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RideGuru Digest for Aug 20, 2018

Posted by: RideGuru Aug 20, 2018


From the RideGuru Forum

The End of An Era: The New Uber Bonus Policy

Well, ladies and gentlemen, our happy(?) times with Uber are coming to an end. 

I'd like to find all those helpful Drivers who worked on the New App ...

It's time to call Rideshare what it is: Taxi

Riding my bike around Chicago these days I'm always wary of cars pulled over, idling by the curb, or, more often, blocking the bike lane. A few years ago ...

How is Uber fighting back against Cleaning Fees Scams?

I heard they are trying to crack down on it.  

I did see this thread as an example of how they are starting to deactivate drivers and stopped paying ...

How is it possible that Uber loses money? Besides marketing and customer support, what other expenses do they have?

I know driver pay is a big expense.  However, they are paid be the portion of the fare while Uber takes commissions.  So what are other expenses do ...

What's the biggest lie that a mechanic has ever told you?

I'll be the first to tell you mechanics do not have a stellar reputation when it come to diagnosing and quoting costs on repairs. 

My biggest lie just ...

If you were the CEO of Uber, with absolute power, what would you do to improve the rider/passenger experience?

We saw the similar question from 2 months ago, which asked what you would do as a CEO of Uber.  Most of the answers were about improving the driver ...

Investors tell Uber to ditch self-driving car program, report says

They are spending $200 million per quarter - $800M a year on autonomous vehicles. I totally get it though that they are looking at driver pay being the largest expense, but ...

This is a serious question to drivers. I hear you routinely have 10~12 hour shifts. Do your butts get sore when you drive for so long? Could bedsores (I guess "buttsores" in this case) be a thing?

I am sure the common answer is to take breaks and stretch.  How often would that be.  Do you guys consciously plan this through the day.

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