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RideGuru Digest for Mar 07, 2019

Posted by: RideGuru Mar 07, 2019


From the RideGuru Forum

Meet the drivers who may be offered $10,000.00 to purchase stock in Lyft. Thoughts? What would you do?

As a driver if you were given $10,00.00 to purchase Lyft stock or keep the money what would you do?

Me - Invest it in Uber lol no not ...

Uber escapes criminal charges for 2018 self-driving death in Arizona

The precedent has been set, we are not charging AI for their crimes. 


If drivers are really losing money with Uber then why do you keep driving for Uber?

I just don't get it, everyone always complains that they don't make any money with Uber but if you really were losing money then why would you keep ...

Drivers what strange things have been left behind by your riders? Riders what have you left in your Uber or Lyft?

Any drivers find weird things left behind in your car after a night of driving? Any riders leave strange things behind that they may be too embarrassed to contact Uber ...

From the RideGuru Newsroom

How does Lyft work?

If you are new to ridesharing and have never tried Lyft before, there is no need to worry. Using a rideshare service like Lyft is much easier than you may ...

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