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RideGuru Digest for Mar 11, 2019

Posted by: RideGuru Mar 11, 2019


From the RideGuru Forum

Is Uber eats worth it for drivers?

Drivers canceling too many rides at the airport. Uber cracking down by blocking drivers.

Did you know Uber drivers can be banned from picking up (and additionally dropping off) at airports? This can happen

It's been a big issue where drivers were cherry picking ...

Does crime play a role in your day to day driving itinerary?

We've all had it happen. You get pinged to a rough part of town. You pick up two riders with sunglasses, hoodies, baggy pants and ballcaps. Before the end ...

Ambassadors from Other Cities: The Global Culture of Cab Drivers

*O'Hare Taxi Staging Area

In 2003 the Public Chauffeur Training Institute was located at Harold Washington College on Lake Street downtown. This was the place you had to go if you wanted to become ...

From the RideGuru Newsroom

All About Uber's Rewards Program

uber rewards programIntroducing Uber Rewards! In November of 2018, Uber announced a rewards program that incentivizes riders to ride with them frequently. The program was initially available in 9 cities across the ...

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