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RideGuru Digest for Nov 26, 2018

Posted by: RideGuru Nov 26, 2018


From the RideGuru Forum

Lyft will offer auto-tipping and default 5-star driver ratings

Two big changes coming (at least for selected passengers):

- You (passenger) can preset the tipping amount so if you forget to specify, the drivers will still get paid:

- If you ...

As a ride share driver, what is your worst nightmare?

Being wrongly accused and not having proof to the contrary. With dashcam and two other hidden cameras and five audio pickups, I hope to have that resolved.

What is the shortest Uber or Lyft ride that you have given/taken?

There must be some funny stories around this?

Lots of Driver Scams - Watch out, passengers!

A big list of scams by the drivers...though some of these are weird though.  


From the RideGuru Newsroom

Should Rideshares be Regulated?

Rideshare regulation is a hot topic right now with cities (NYC, we are looking at you!) trying to figure out the best course of action for regulating (or not regulating ...

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