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RideGuru Digest for Oct 17, 2018

Posted by: RideGuru Oct 17, 2018


From the RideGuru Forum

Has anyone ever shamed your job as a rideshare driver for Uber and Lyft?

It's official. Uber and Lyft are in an IPO race.

"The first to go public would get dibs on investors eager for a piece of the ride-hailing business."

Both are looking to debut in 2019 so the next few months ...

Can a Uber driver be arrested and held responsible, if he is pulled over and the rider had drugs in their possession?

What happens in this case? Let's say it was a routine traffic spot, the driver has no drugs on him or her, but the passenger gets busted for having ...

DashCam Rules in 50 US States and Consent Rules

I ran into this while researching whether I need to warn the passengers that they are being recorded. 

The rules around wiretapping and eavesdropping as well as receiving "consent ...

From the RideGuru Newsroom

Lyft's Subscription Plan, everything you need to know and how to sign up

“This is the first step toward delivering on our goal of making car ownership optional"
- Lyft

Lyft is making moves! The rideshare company revealed yesterday that they are rolling out ...

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