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RideGuru Digest for Sep 03, 2018

Posted by: RideGuru Sep 03, 2018


From the RideGuru Forum

How Much Do Uber And Lyft Drivers ACTUALLY Make? We Finally Know [Ridester.com]

RideGuru's friend, Brett from Ridester.com, has a big announcement.  He ran a successful survey with thousands of rideshare drivers participating (RideGuru helped too!) and he has come ...

Yellow Cab Garage becomes "Happy Place"

I rode by the old Yellow Cab garage the other day, where I picked up the cars I drove for many years, and saw a bunch of party tents in ...

'You know I got a pistol?' the man yelled. So the Uber driver shot him

After being threatened, Uber driver shoots and kills man. Authorities say the homicide is deemed legal due to "stand your ground" law in FL. Video in link below.

https://www ...

Uber and Lyft's New Surge Pricing (and PrimeTime) Schemes - Watch out!

Drivers are starting to express their frustrations with the new surge pricing format put into place by Uber and Lyft recently.

How has your experience been?  Here's a ...

Hey passengers. What creative amenities or extras do you wish your UberX drivers offered?

Water, gum, mints, umbrella, ponchos, aux cable, and charging cables. I have heard those.  Anything extra you want?

I am a driver looking for ways to serve you better ...

Uber has a tip limit? That's news to drivers

Did you guys know that there is a limit as to how much a rider can tip?!

"Uber confirmed to CNET it does have a limit to safeguard against "fat ...

Why was I charged the cancellation fee? I did it within 5 minutes.

What is the biggest myth about being a Uber/Lyft driver?

San Francisco grants bike and scooter permits to only two companies - Scoot and Skip (One year Pilot)

San Francisco announced that only two scooter companies — Scoot and Skip — will get the coveted permits to participate in a one-year scooter pilot program.

What a slap in ...

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