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RideGuru Digest for Sep 05, 2018

Posted by: RideGuru Sep 05, 2018


From the RideGuru Forum

Would you drive for Eaze and deliver Marijuana?

I didn't realize this was a thing but they pay hourly. Not sure how much. Anyone deliver weed before?


'How else do I defend myself?' Female Lyft driver slams the car company for deactivating her account after she threatened a passenger with Mace when he MASTURBATED in her car

Oh, my.  and I feel for this woman.  What are we supposed to do if we can't use physical force?  

  • Naomi R, 22, who is not ...

Man commits suicide in the back of a NYC Taxi

If this isn't ominous I don't know what is...

In all seriousness though, this is so sad :(


Budget Your Trip names RideGuru "a budget travelers must have tool"

Our friends at Budget Your Trip featured RideGuru on their blog today. Check out their review and why they suggest all travelers use RideGuru to plan their trips!

http://www ...

Your Uber app will now automatically detect if you are in trouble.

In the event of a crash, the Uber app will automatically send a notification to a rider’s phone to answer a series of questions. If they verify that there has ...

6 month bans coming for passengers with low ratings

Australia and New Zealand are going to start handing out 6 month Uber app bans to passengers whose ratings fall below 4 stars. Who thinks this should also be the ...

Found a Unicorn—A rideshare driver who listens to passengers' directions (though only as a the last resort.)

Yesterday, my friend Kelly texted me asking for some help moving boxes. Her place is across town and it was about to storm, so she offered to send a Lyft ...

Lyft says absolutely "no weapons", but isn't that a bit vague? Can I bring a Swiss Army Knife?

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