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RideGuru Digest for Sep 09, 2018

Posted by: RideGuru Sep 09, 2018


Welcome to our new digest format! Take a look below our top forum picks to see what caught the Gurus' eyes this week. Guaranteed laughs and intrigue.

From the RideGuru Forum

Uber CEO "I had no fricking clue what I was getting into"

“I had no fricking clue what I was getting into — no predisposed notions,” Dara said Thursday during an interview at a tech conference in San Francisco.

He goes ...

How ratings work and affect driver-partners [Uber.com]

Here's a review on driver ratings.  How they work, how they are calculated, and what happens if it gets too low.

What you’ll be rated on

Riders likely ...

What do you think of the new Uber driver app?

The new driver app is out! What do y'all think of it? I've heard some complaints that it's harder to switch between Uber and Lyft with it ...

Is this common? Uber driver takes advantage of disabled, jacking up fare.

This driver saw an opportuniaty with a disabled man and took him on an almost 2 hours joyride to increase the fare.


The Guru's Top Picks

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