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  • I've heard from other drivers that there are occasionally glitches where on one screen it looks like you made money, but in another you didn't.  It was some weird bug or some system lag that caused this.   The driver just had to open a ticket and Uber would quickly fix it.

    I was told that this was permanently fixed in the new app update earlier this year too.  I've never seen negative, so I don't know if it's true.

    The other possibility is the now defunct fuel card where you can purchase gasoline and the charge would be taken out of earnings.  Depending on the timing, say, the charge hits right after Uber's payout, I know your balance can remain negative.  

    One another thing I can think of is renting vehicles from Uber.  Like one of their ZipCar or Hertz's programs.  i hear those can be taken out of your earnings, so depending on the timing, I am sure it can show up as negative.