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     6 months ago in  Uber Deactivation for Safety Concerns

    I’ve experienced exactly the same thing in DFW! They only respond with the scripted responses already provided but Uber, and what really gets me, is that Uber pays these idiots to sit behind a desk and just click at responses to send us. A computer could easily do the same, and pay us more per mile and minute with the savings they’d have. I literally had this happen to me earlier this year, and now just about an hour ago Lyft has deactivated my account because checkr reported to then again because amazon flex was doing my background check! This is so ridiculously annoying! I have literally 5.0 star rating, and my riders absolutely love my service, but do the companies even attempt to look at reviews or reachout to passengers for feedback? Nope, that would require people to actually do work, which we all know they don’t like for their corporate employees to have to do.