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     1 month ago in  Where do I get the best Uber clone script?

    AppDupe’s Uber clone app offers startups and entrepreneurs to enter the on-demand taxi market with ease. The ride-hailing platform offers dedicated applications for both riders and drivers, coupled with powerful admin and dispatcher panel. The live-geo tracking features allow riders to track their drivers and guide them to the pick-up location and similarly assists drivers to spot the pick-up point. AppDupe’s development solutions are cost-effective and require less time from ideation to launch. Their advanced Uber Clone app is now being used by hundreds of clients worldwide.

    AppDupe’s Uber Clone Features 

    • Schedule rides
    • book/cancel rides
    • multi-payment modes
    • push notifications
    • ride history
    • multi-language integration
    • live ride tracking
    • smart digital wallet
    • in-built messaging
    • fare estimation.

  • The ride-sharing apps are coming up with new and innovative ways to beat the other competitors and acquire users. Also, the things you have mentioned perfectly align with features that the new taxi startups should implement. There a number of solutions being used by new-age entrepreneurs. Taxi dispatch software and the ready-made Uber clone apps are being the most sought out solutions among the entrepreneurs to set up a digital system for their taxi business. However these ready-made solution being white-label and fully customizable, it is easy to create a branded taxi application with unique features.

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     8 months ago in  Rideshare Services for Children and Young Teenagers (Minors)

    Uber-like app - especially for kids and minors is a good business idea and thanks for the list of apps. The development process & the strategy behind the major features and functionality of the app should focus on the safety and security of the kids. There are a number of app development companies which focus on providing ready-made solutions for these business models. Have a look at the white label Uber-like app, you may find it suitable for developing Uber-like app for kids.