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     4 years ago in  Which amenities do you provide for your passengers?

    I used to offer water bottles too. I stopped doing that because I agree with the previous posters that bottles are left behind, and that a lot of people just drink a few sips from the bottle. It was not worth the trouble to me. Wrapped candy however is easy. I look at the back seat anyway after I drop off a paasenger, it's no big deal to just collect the occasional wrapper. The car stays clean. Now, chips I would never do. Just be smart as to what you offer your pax.

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     4 years ago in  Which amenities do you provide for your passengers?

    I have the complete opposite experience. My tips have gone up after adding certain services. And my rating is still 4.97.

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     4 years ago in  Which amenities do you provide for your passengers?

    I assume every rider on this Forum does that. Not really earthshocking information. Thanks anyway.

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     4 years ago in  Which amenities do you provide for your passengers?

    I think it is a nice addition. You do have to work the box by explaining it to your pax.
    Some show instant interest, some don't care at all.

    If you explain it to everyone, and you push it a little, you can make some decent, free money.

    You get paid every two weeks. I don't especially push the box, but I still make an extra $60 every 2 weeks. Hey, it's basically free money. If I'd push it more, I could probably make at least double or triple that amount.

  • In the Chicago area you still see their name/moniker on both Uber & Lyft. I don't know if that is also the case in other areas.

  • If I had paid attention to his name the first time, I probably could have. But it was pouring outside, so that didn't have my highest priority

  • I've only asked two people to leave my car out of about 3000 rides. One man was angry because I couldn't find him fast enough. I canceled because I couldn't find him, and I was double parked for quite some time. I drove away, and he requested another ride which I accepted without noticing it was the same rider, I picked him uip this time, and he started complaining right away. I drove for about two minutes and then kicked his ass on the street in the pouring rain. Must say it felt good. He was drunk and very unpleasant.

    The other time somebody thought I took too long to get him. He needed to get to a bank before it closed, and his lack of planning was somehow thought to be my problem. I had to wait for a freight train, so I couldn't get to him faster, but he started cursing at me right away (first through the phone, then in person). I kicked him out after driving for maybe 100 yards. He threatend me and told me to never come back into his little town.

    Two out of 3000 isn't bad. Now that I think about it, I do drive away if people take to long to get their shit together. One time I swear the people came out to go to the airport, and then it took them at least another 15 minutes to get all their stuff  near or in my car. At some point I just unloaded all their luggage and drove away. Ask for a ride when you're ready FFS.