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Are there limits to the hours Uber and Lyft drivers can work and drive?

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166 Driver
 Posted 8 months ago

I recently signed up as a driver.  What is this thing I am hearing about maximum number of hour I can drive or operating limits?  It says nothing in my contract and Uber said nothing about it upon signing up.  Is it all fake news?

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    156 Driver Driver
     7 months ago

    Good info.  thank you.  I wasn't getting a clear answer elsewhere (not even on Uber's site). this is good.

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      305 Driver Driver Rider
       7 months ago

      What is so good about this information? They are working 12 to 15 hours per day because of all those expenses do not allow them to maintain a DECENT income with cheap fares and non tipping assholes.

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        191 Rider Driver
         7 months ago

        I don't think he is neccesarily saying he LIKES the info he is just appreciative to have an answer since Uber sucks at driver support.