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Are these empty threats from Lyft?

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207 Driver
 Posted 2 months ago

I don't accept Shared Rides like many drivers I know, but what does "quitting" mean? 

Are these empty threats


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    8152 Rider Driver
     2 months ago

    My acceptance rate ranges from 3% to 7% every day for past year. When they start paying me money to drive 10/46 min to a pick up I'll start accepting more request. When they stop allowing people to put fake disgusting names on their account I'll accept more request. I drive Lyft and Lyft XL I am not picking up shared rides with my gas mileage. If you are XL you shouldnt have to deal with pool or shared. Especially when a shared request hits your phone thats 20 min away to pick up. Ill think about picking up shared rides when the company makes it safer for drivers. They send me threatening emails when I dont hit the X in the top left corner to decline.   Make it bigger. We are doing 70mph in traffic apps going off Ill be sure to hit that little X. I am helping my current passenger out of car with their luggage or holding their crying child so they can get their things out of my car but ill drop what I am doing to tap the little X. 

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      54 Rider Driver
       2 months ago

      Great acceptance rate. Similar to mine. 

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    1279 Rider Driver
     2 months ago

    Airplane mode is something Lyft frowns upon since most spoofers use that method. Quitting the app may mean turn new requests off, I wouldn't care about that but be careful about airplane mode