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Do you get asked to "alter" the route and create phantom drop-offs? The shady behavior happens to me fairly often. Is this normal?

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181 Driver
 Posted 7 months, 3 weeks ago

Once a guy told me to end a ride in one place (a hotel) but to keep driving because he will pay me in cash for the rest of the trip.  We ended up at a strip club, which made sense.  Shady, but I did it.

Another time, a similar happened where I took a guy to an address, a house, but he told me to drive around the block and to drop him off.  Shady, but I did it.  In hindsight, maybe he was trying to sneak into the house? I hope I didn't assist a robbery. (Probably some cheating husband.)

Another time was the reverse, when he told me to drop him off at a different address than originally requested, but once I got to that new location (someone's house), he told me to NOT end the trip and to keep driving (with no passenger) to the original location.  Shady again, but I did it because I knew I would be paid more.  The place wasn't like a few minutes away. I think it was like 10 minutes.

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