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Launching a on-demand taxi business using an Uber clone

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Uber and other regional cab booking services have opened the floodgates of on-demand location-based transportation services as a promising and profitable business model. If you'd like to capitalize on this wave, and also swiftly hit the market, Uber clone apps are the way to go. With these customized clones of Uber, you can save a lot on the time and money that goes into developing the app from scratch.

Uber operates on a global scale, and it might not be practical to directly take on Uber. However, you can create a business that operates in your country or your city. For that level, you can use cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, or Parse. At a later stage, you can consider implementing advanced technologies.


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    Uber has become very popular and every taxi company wishes to start a mobile application similar like Uber or Lyft  or Ola around the globe, but due to lack of time or huge investment cost they fail in the market. We, Team Tweaks Technologies top mobile app development companies in Chennai since 2013 have created and delivered Uber like App from the year 2014 and delivered platforms to many customers across the globe including UK, USA, Afghanistan, India Philippines etc..It is not easier for any mobile app companies to understand the core technology and concept behind Uber business model until otherwise you must have delivered real time solutions with real time booking from customers. We have implemented multi level architecture, microservices, devops for all our uber like app customers. Some our real time customers includes mautopride, zoodcars, u-hop, justminicab etc..

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    Hi There,

    To make an app like uber for your taxi business, you must have some ideas. Like which kind of taxi service you are going to offer to your customers. There are many kinds of taxi services are available in today's market.

    In that case, you need to decide which is profitable according to your market research. For a Successful taxi business, you will need a best uber clone solution from the leading mobile app solution providers.