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Where do I get the best Uber clone script?

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 Posted 4 months ago

The Modest and Quickest approach to get into Taxi Professional Uber or Lyft is to purchase Uber Clone Scripts. Since there are so many readymade uber clone apps are available in the market, so it is very difficult for entrepreneurs to choose among these,  they need to first decide:

After deciding above all these  factors, you will be able to decide the best Uber Clone provider for your business. I found from the top app developers, Asterism Infosoft is well renowned in this industry provides readymade premium on demand app clone, Without any compromise,  they construct the highest caliber of applications to digitize your business.

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     2 months ago  (edited 2 months ago)

    Gofer is the Uber clone script from Trioangle Technologies. Gofer can be customized to use in all on demand services. It bridges the gap between services providers and user in all services. Gofer has all the trending features of Uber.

    We are using the following trending and effective technology to build our product.

    • Swift For iOS Application
    • Java For Android Application

    Following are the Uber Clone features makes us to stand unique in the competitive ground

    Riders Features:

    • Verified Riders
    • Super Fast Requests
    • Simple Sign Up For Riders
    • Trip History
    • Instant Notifications - iOS
    • Instant Notifications - Android

    Driver Features:

    • Document Management
    • Cancelling Option
    • Ratings & Reviews
    • Earnings Report
    • Status checking for Activation
    • Data in charts

    Site Link : Gofer  - Uber clone

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    2 Rider
     3 months ago

    AppDupe’s Uber clone app offers startups and entrepreneurs to enter the on-demand taxi market with ease. The ride-hailing platform offers dedicated applications for both riders and drivers, coupled with powerful admin and dispatcher panel. The live-geo tracking features allow riders to track their drivers and guide them to the pick-up location and similarly assists drivers to spot the pick-up point. AppDupe’s development solutions are cost-effective and require less time from ideation to launch. Their advanced Uber Clone app is now being used by hundreds of clients worldwide.

    AppDupe’s Uber Clone Features 

    • Schedule rides
    • book/cancel rides
    • multi-payment modes
    • push notifications
    • ride history
    • multi-language integration
    • live ride tracking
    • smart digital wallet
    • in-built messaging
    • fare estimation.
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    1 Driver Driver Rider
     3 months ago  (edited 3 months ago)

     Hi There,

    Nice post! If anyone looking for the best uber clone script for your on-demand taxi startup? then, take a look at SpotnRides ultimate uber clone app solution. It will be a perfect solution for those who want to enter into the on demand taxi industry with minimum capital but to use a quality app solution. 

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     3 months ago

    Wooberly – A sleekly designed on-demand uber clone application that can be customizable for startups. We have enhanced the app with pre-requested features to go to the market. Wooberly consists of all the necessary features that an on-demand business requires to operate.

    Grab the attention in the market using our splendid best-in-class uber clone app which is built using the latest cutting-edge technology Flutter.

    For more info visit: Uber Clone

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     3 months ago

    Taking taxis to move from one location to the other is not uncommon these days. As the on-demand taxis provide faster and safer rides, it is no wonder the business attracts several new customers every passing day.

    If you are about to start a taxi business, you are expected to build your own Uber clone app. After all, it is this app that acts as the gateway for your customer to avail your services easily. 

    An Uber clone is cost-effective, highly customizable and easy to use. A white-label Uber clone solution comes with exclusive features for passenger app, driver app and admin panel respectively.

    Passenger app

    • Fare estimation

    • Ride history

    • Multiple payment gateways

    • Scheduling rides

    Driver app

    • Driver profile

    • Navigation to pick up/ drop locations

    • Track daily earnings

    • Accept/ cancel rides

    Admin panel

    • Drivers’ document verification

    • Trip reports

    • Payment details

    • Commission reports

    Want to witness the benefits of a comprehensive Uber clone solution?  Try Tagmytaxi now!

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    1075 Rider Driver
     4 months ago

    Having an app/script is only one part of the equation.  You also have to deal with government regulatory and licensing issues, and have to advertise your services enough to drive local riders to your service.  That's a ton of work to drive rideshare.  

    Honestly, if you're talented enough to get all that sorted out and done, you're better off opening a more profitable non-rideshare business instead.