Products for Drivers

Looking to improve your rideshare game? See below for the Guru's must have list of rideshare driving products for 2019. While you may only need a car and phone to be a rideshare driver, we have found that these top items make rideshare driving a lot easier!

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Dash Cams

Perhaps the most recommended item to have while rideshare driving is a dash cam. From accidents to passengers trying to lie to score free rides, a dash cam is always a good security system (and fact checker) while on the road. Below are the top Car Dash Cams.

Barf Bags

Driving the late night shift? If so, these are a must have! Throw a couple in your seat back pockets for those passengers who had one too many beers. Below are the top Car Barf Bags.

Floor Mats

Floor mats are exceptionally handy if you live near a beach or in a snowy/muddy area. Passengers do put wear and tear on the interior of your car and rubber mats not only help to preserve your car longer but they also make cleaning up in between shifts much easier! Below are the top Car Floor Mats.

Cell Phone Mounts

If you do not have a car mount for your cell phone then you need to order one now! Below are our favorite car mounts, guru tested and approved. Below are the top Car Cell Phone Mounts.

Car Chargers

Dual chargers are great for charging your phone during those long shifts while also providing a port for your passengers charging needs. Below are the top Car Chargers.

Air Fresheners

We hear over and over again that a main reason passengers rate their drivers down is because their car was "unsatisfactory". Help to keep your car smelling fresh with car air fresheners. Below are the top Car Air Fresheners.

Cleaning Supplies

Always good to have on hand! These are the guru's top picks for must have cleaning items. Below are the top Car Cleaning Sprays.

Back and Neck Products

Ridesharing can be rough on your back. These are our favorites for soothing tense muscles at the end of each day. Below are the top Muscle Relaxant Products.


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