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Promotional Tip Stickers for Drivers

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Drivers! Want to encourage your riders to tip? Looking for a fun way to approach the subject of tipping without appearing pushy? Check out our tipping stickers designed to stick to the inside of your backseat window. Best of all, they're free, while supplies last!

We have five varieties to choose from, shown below. Please indicate which style of sticker you would like along with your mailing address in the form below. 

RideGuru will never provide your contact information to any third party, nor will we ever send you any unsolicited correspondence. Promotion is for 1 sticker per user.

At this time, this promotion is available in the United States only.

Sticker 1 (2" x 6"): "Cows"


Sticker 2 (2" x 6"): "Boats"


Sticker 3 (2" x 6"): "Puppies"


Sticker 4 (2" x 6"): "Tipsy"


Sticker 5 (2" x 6"): "Thumbs Up"

Please submit your tip sticker request below.