Community Guidelines

RideGuru is all about transparency, and we value your contributions, whether they are feedback, opinions, or resources, and we encourage you to interact and communicate with your fellow members. We also would like to make sure that the RideGuru Community is a safe, trustworthy, and relevant source. To help us with this goal, please adhere to the following guidelines.


We ask you to limit your posts and comments to courteous and respectful language at all times. We do not condone any submissions that may be disrespectful, advocates illegal activities, or includes hate-speech, prejudiced remarks, sexually-explicit comments, threats, violence, or profanity.

Relevant Topics and Respecting Private Information

Keep your submissions relevant and helpful to other users. The content should pertain to the topics appropriate for RideGuru and its community. Please also respect the privacy of others by avoiding posting personal information, yours or others’.


The intent of RideGuru’s community is to educate each other and promote transparency. It is not to advertise a service or business. Do not use the forum as a means of excessively advertising your own business or product. Posts that are being offered in exchange for personal gain, such as gifts, services, or money, will be removed. We reserve the right to reject specific content for any reason. Links to external websites, such as hotel websites or personal blogs, that are not relevant to the topic and are used purely for promotional purposes will be removed. We reserve the right to reject any URL for any reason. Survey requests, polls, or requests for research, as well as any spam will also be removed.

RideGuru reserves the right to remove any content (posts, comments, links, text, or images) it deems inappropriate or does not follow the guideline. It also reserves the right to ban individuals from further participating in the community.