About RideGuru

What is RideGuru?

RideGuru, a product of Unleashed, LLC, is an all-inclusive rideshare and taxi information source. RideGuru is not another transportation service, instead, it is a travel search engine (i.e. aggregator) to help you find the best ride from point A to point B. It scours rates from hundreds of services worldwide to bring you the best deals.

RideGuru is also a flourishing community of rideshare/taxi enthusiasts, with features like its fare comparison calculator, "Ask the Guru" forum, and Rideshare 101 page. Supported by travelers, drivers, and industry experts, RideGuru brings together all aspects of rideshares and taxis.

What is a travel search engine (i.e. aggregator)?

A travel search engine takes your travel information, such as your desired trip, and searches hundreds of services and travel resources to bring up the transit options for easy comparison.  These resources can be service providers like Uber and taxi companies, travel agencies, other search engines, and discount suppliers.  RideGuru focuses on rideshares, taxis, and limos and brings all the options in one pace, so you have an ability to compare, price-shop, and make the right decision.

What makes RideGuru different?

Not every service provider is open to sharing their offerings to external sites or search engines.  RideGuru can pull information from those who are willing to share but can also derive information from those who do not, to make sure the travelers have full visibility to all the options available for their trip. (See this article about how RideGuru does not rely on service providers' APIs.)

Is RideGuru a rideshare company?

No.  RideGuru is a search engine and we do not provide actual tranportation methods or car service.  We do not handle the booking or the customer service associated with your travel.  We provide you with the options available but do not control the pricing, reservations, or availability.

How does RideGuru calculate the fares?

RideGuru's fare calculations are based on a proprietary algorithm that takes into account a multitude of considerations. We utilize taxi rates from over 1000 localities spanning the globe as well as rideshare rates from over 10 different worldwide companies. RideGuru incorporates not only the distance and duration of your trip, but also factors such as traffic patterns, driving speeds, urban density, and possible wait times. Our estimates are carefully calibrated based upon actual fares submitted by our staff and our users.

How accurate are RideGuru's fare estimates?

As mentioned above RideGuru's fare calculations take into account a multitude of considerations. Estimates are not based solely on the trip distance and duration like other calculators available on the web.

We only use up-to-date rates on RideGuru and our team constantly monitors all rates for accuracy.

Your actual fare may vary depending on unforeseen factors, such as inclement weather, unusual traffic congestion, and even your driver's driving habits; however, under normal driving conditions, our fares are known to be very accurate.

How many Rideshare services does RideGuru support?

RideGuru currently supports over 35 rideshare companies (and 100s of servies they offer).  We also provide support for traditional taxis.

How many countries is RideGuru currently available in?

RideGuru currently estimates fares in over 70 countries!

How does RideGuru map the routes?

We utilize Google Maps to build out the route map for your trip.

Any disclaimers?

Yes. RideGuru is for reference only. The estimates can vary from your actual fare, depending on unforeseen factors, such as inclement weather, unusual traffic congestion, road constructions, and even your driver's driving habits.

RideGuru also does not handle the booking or customer service for your trip.  Reservations and actual transportation arrangements are made with the service providers.

Are the estimates on RideGuru per person?

No, the estimates you see on RideGuru are per car ride. This means that if you choose a car on RideGuru that can fit 4 people, the estimate you see will cover all 4 passengers.  This is true with taxi fares as well, but some cities and companies charge "extra passenger fees".  These are flat fees for the wholr trip, say $1.00 for each additional passenger, and will not multiply the fare.  The only exception to this is shared or carpooling services like UberPool.

Friends, Advertisers, and Partners

I am an owner or employee of a rideshare company and I would like to include our estimates on your site. Who do I contact?

Please contact our support team to discuss adding your company to our site. 

I would like to advertise on your site, who do I contact?

Please visit our Advertise with RideGuru page to learn more about our advertising opportunities. 

I am a member of the press, who do I contact for an interview?

Please view our press page, where we have provided the appropriate contact information. 

I would like to join RideGuru on Social Media!

Please do, we love meeting new friends!

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RideGuru Usage Questions

The site is not working. I think I found a bug. What do I do?

Please contact our support team who will be able to help solve your issue asap. 

I don't see the city I need on RideGuru! How can I add it?

Please contact our support team to discuss adding your desired location. 

I do not agree with the fare estimate!

We apologize. We try to provide you with best estimates with the most updated information and routes; however, there are various factors that affect rates, such as traffic, increment weather, construction, availability of flat rates, service fees, surge pricing, and tolls. Any of these factors can change the fare drastically. Help us to continually improve RideGuru by submitting your cases here.

The route is inaccurate when I enter a location name, e.g. 'Hilton Garden Inn.' Do I need to enter an actual address?

No, RideGuru can accept establishment names. This works well with unique locations such as airports. However, if there are multiple locations with the same name, despite its best attempt, RideGuru may point you to a different/incorrect location. If this occurs, we recommend you enter the city and state names. If you are not sure of the city or state, you may also use the 'near' keyword, where you can enter something like, 'Hilton Garden Inn near Toledo, OH.'