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Keep Rideshares Transparent

Don't be #TakenForaRide. Let's make rideshare costs transparent!

Rideshares, such as Uber and Lyft, provide a wonderful spin on the taxi and transportation industry, but the benefits of ridesharing (also known as ridehailing) can be hampered by a lack of transparency. This is why we created RideGuru.

Comparison shop with the rideshare calculator

At RideGuru, we believe riders have the right to understand all their options before choosing a ridehail company. With our RideGuru Comparison Calculator, travelers can easily compare ride price estimates for their journeys side by side and choose the cheapest option for their trip. Some Rideshare companies have tried to shut down websites that provide this important transparency to the marketplace but our team won't stand for that!

The calculator is for drivers too!

Secondly, we feel as though drivers are the backbone of the ridesharing and ridehailing industry and deserve to be treated as such. It is important for drivers and riders to know the fees and commission rates of each ridehail company. On our RideGuru calculator we always show which companies are paying their drivers most fairly. Drivers can use this to find the company that will best value them, and riders, by seeing driver take home pay, can make better informed decisions on which companies they choose to support.

Please join us on social media to spread the importance of rideshare transparency for both riders and drivers - we all have a right to be informed!

Use hashtags #TakenForaRide and #BeaRideGuru


Recent News

Is Uber Overcharging Riders (and Secretly Pocketing Money that Belongs to Drivers)?

According to a recent study completed by Harry Campbell (also known as The Rideshare Guy) it appears as though Uber is indeed "skimming money off the top" of their new "upfront fares" model. This results in higher than normal fares for riders and lower payouts for drivers. Learn more and spread the word to help us #KeepRidesharesTransparent

The Aftermath of our Thunderclap Campaign

Thank you to everyone who backed our Thunderclap Campaign to raise awareness about rideshare transparency. With your help we were able to reach over 96,000 people through our combined social media efforts!

Learn more about ridehail transparency

Knowledge is power. Check out a few of our infographics that highlight ridehail transparency.