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Rideshare Promotions

Sign-up Bonuses and Promotions for Riders and Drivers

Check out promotion codes for different rideshare companies below. You can score free rides, discounted rates, and Uber credits using the links and referral codes provided by the RideGuru team. Check back often, we are always adding new promotions!

Free Lyft Credits

Go to: https://lyft.com/i/LYFTFARERG

Free Uber Credits

Use code: uber-unleashed

Free Curb Credits

Go to: https://my.gocurb.com/invite/x98d36

Free Juno Credits

Go to: https://gojuno.com/

Free Instaryde Credits

Use code: ryde5

Free BlackLane Credits

Use code: Black10%Off

Free Ride Yellow Credits

Use code: GURU
Valid in Long Beach Area, South Bay Area, Los Angeles Area and Orange County Area

Zum Driver Bonuses

Use code: RIDEGURU

Try Riding with Bounce

Sign up as a new rider with Bounce today!

Ride with Fasten

Check out ride deals from Fasten

Check out ride deals from Time Luxury Services


Lyft Bonuses for Drivers

Drivers can get an extra $2.15 for every ride you give in your first 60 days, up to $900. See terms.

Uber Driver Bonus

Sign up to earn $375 for your first 50 trips.

Drive for Bounce

Register as a driver with Bounce today!

Free Zum Credits

Use code: RIDEGURU
Drivers can receive bonuses in the following amounts: $100 after 2 trips, +$200 after 30 trips, and another $200 after 75 trips. Up to $500 total in bonuses.Promotion only valid in the San Francisco Bay Area.