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Ride Apprentice from California, washington, las vegas, florida, texas, new york,

Ariv your one stop shop for on demand services
Rider Driver Driver is your one stop shop app for on-demand services.  Ariv has everything from taxi and limo services, food, liquor, cannabis, retail all on one app.  Ariv is accepting merchants, taxi and limo drivers  / companies to earn 100% commision from each and every ride, delivery and sale.  Ariv takes 0% from the drivers and merchants unlike other other similar services.  Ariv is also cheaper for customers and riders then similar service, they dont charge outrageous fees, so this all leads to a win, win situation for all. Ariv is accepting pre-registration for drivers, merchants and customers.  We are currently in washington dc and maryland and looking to expand in cities with the most demand for the services we please pre register so we can determine our next city. Go to to pre-register.


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