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     2 years ago in  How to Request Uber or Lyft Without a Smartphone

    Just ran across this article and the comments about "how can anybody not have a smart phone?"

    I live in a canyon in the Colorado mountains (yes, it's gorgeous and I wouldn't live anywhere else) and cell phones do not work in the canyon.  I only use my cell phone when I come down to the "city" and have a landline at home.  As for getting a "taxi" we have no taxi service up there but we do have Uber drivers.  Hence, if my vehicle won't start and I have to have it towed into our local small town auto repair shop and I need a ride to pick it up after it is fixed, my only alternative is Uber or one of my neighbors, all of whom work in the city and are gone most of the day.

    And while some of my neighbors are totally off the grid, I do have a computer, satellite internet service and wifi.  It's a matter of location, location, location.