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Ride Apprentice from St Louis

16 Rider Driver


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  • Thanks! Love the profile pic also!

  • X. Nope, not even a tip jar. I let my service speak for itself and let the customers do what they feel based on the service provided. I believe if you solicit a tip it makes for an uncomfortable situation. I would rather not be tipped than make people uncomfortable. 

  • I can't speak for all drivers, but I can speak for myself. I have never bullied a customer into tipping. As a matter of fact, I never even mention tipping unless the customer brings it up. There are no signs or tip jars in my vehicle either. If it is brought up, my simple reply is, "If you feel I deserve a tip, it is greatly appreciated, however, tipping is not necessary". I do believe that tipping should be an option for customers if they feel their driver was exceptional, but I also think that as a driver you should do your best to provide an exceptional experience without the expectation of a tip. I believe overall this allows you to relax and focus providing a better experience for your customer, who ultimately is the reason you are making any money at all.