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  • I do understand your concerns indeed, there are idiot drivers out there who use cameras not to just keep everyone safe but to live stream. But back to my argument 

    A bus, a supermarket, bank, a small jewelry store, a cab, a rideshare car all fall under a public space (in my opinion), except the fitting and restrooms obviously.

    Just like a jewelry store owner or any other business, records their  premises for safety, so do the rideshare drivers.

    A rideshare driver is a contractor who in essence runs his/her business and the premises happen to be their vehicles. Thus they have every right to record inside of their premises, just like the bank or jewelry store owner. If as a consumer would come up to a bank manager and ask the surveillance cameras be turned off because consumer feels uncomfortable I think we all know that you would just be asked to bank elsewhere ;) same for drivers. 

    Had we operated Porto Johns and decided to record inside them, yes not allowed. Inside our cars that are operated and open for dressed passengers (public) we can record for everyone’s safety ;)

  • Actually, yes. 

    Would you come up to a bus driver and ask him to turn the camera off for all the reasons you stated? Would you ask your friend to turn off the camera while you are visiting their house?Remember these are our private cars, and we are recording inside our private cars that we allow you to ride in. Anyway, most cameras are designed to record in 1-3 minute increments and then start recording over the old footage. With no intention of ever viewing or posting these videos anywhere. There are idiot drivers out there of course, but most are just using the cameras For everyone’s safety

    Cameras server as a good deterrent from passengers who try to accuse the driver or a co passenger of wrong doing, etc.

    If you were a passenger in my car and demeaned I turn off the camera, your ride would end at the next street corner ;), because in my mind you were about to commit some BS act;)