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  • Not a single person is clarifying whether this is talking about a professional TLC licensed Uber driver, or the rogue UBERX driver. Alot of these articles out and the questions that ask how much can an uber driver make are asked by Joe schmo sitting on his couch wondering if he can make money driving in his spare time.

    UberX drivers make alot less than TLC uber drivers, but the expenses are ALOT more.

    I drive for uber x (no TLC license) in Westchester county new york. Before taxes we think we are making ok money averaging $16 an hour. But then at the end of the year taxes hit and we owe the gov't $3000 we are screwed. So I went back through my accounting and re-averaged it to $8 an hour. (And I put 80,000 miles on my Cadillac srx.

    So not worth it!