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  • I think you're reading the article incorrectly.  I believe the article is saying Uber Eats etc is not profitable for restaurants since the delivery services typically take about 30% of the gross order.  However, the rationale for restaurants is the delivery services increase their reach.

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     4 months ago in  Some Uber drivers drive up to 8 hours away to pick up fares

    You're not being an ass, but I disagree it's a poor career choice.  Name a job that has even remotely the same level of freedom and flexibility it gives.  I would also say you're slightly misinformed as it's easy to accept the general narrative piling on Uber and Lyft.  How are drivers treated unfairly? What awful circumstances have they put drivers into?  

    The only thing I will heavily criticize Uber (more so than Lyft) is how they recruit new drivers; too often with unrealistic expectations, which then leads to slanted and incomplete articles such as this one.

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     4 months ago in  Some Uber drivers drive up to 8 hours away to pick up fares

    The Guardian's headline was definitely misleading.  I believe they were alluding to a San Jose Mercury News article that mentions some guy from LA who drives in SF instead - he claims the money up north is so up to 3x better (which makes no sense to me and frankly sounds suspicious - obviously I have no idea).

    I am not posting to defend Uber (or Lyft) because I understand it can hurt when the compensation structure changes.  But such blatantly one-sided articles such as this annoy me because they act as if Uber is standing over these drivers on horse with a whip, beating them into submission.  The beauty of Uber is that as a driver, you choose when AND where you want to work.  Not many jobs of any kind give you that level of flexibility.  As far as I am concerned, many are not being realistic.  While Uber has cut back on fare pricing, the area where they've really cut back in recent weeks is on bonuses; and that's where many drivers have been making their biggest mistake in terms of living off the bonus gravy.  It's similar to living off overtime.  It's great money when it is flowing, but at some point that OT money will dry up and you'll be back to your base hourly wages. (Once again, the SJMN article points this out). Without proper planning, you will get burned.