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    Need Help Please

    I'm an Uber driver and a student. I'm conducting a survey for school and need a handful of drivers to …
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    Rideshare Driver Questionnaire

    Hi. My name is Ross. I’m a rideshare driver and a student. I’m researching how rideshare drivers navigate breaks. Immediately …

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     3 years ago in  Rideshare Driver Questionnaire

    Thanks momof4. I won't pee in a bottle either. I don't want urine rolling around in my car and potentially spilling and, I don't want my car smelling like a bathroom. A clean car is important to me for my business and because I drive my family in it. I've heard stories of bottles opening during rides and of riders seeing the bottle and asking what's in there (they know). I realize this isn't a problem for every driver, especially if you aren't in a major city. However, I only work peak hours and I never have a gap between rides. I go from one ride to the next from 8:00PM to 3:00AM. I need to turn off my app to stop and look for a bathroom. While it may not be a problem for everyone, the reality is that it's a problem for hundreds of thousands of drivers. There are an estimated 1 million rideshare drivers and another 200k+ taxi drivers in the US. Philly isn't the only major city where businesses won't let you use their restrooms. New York City is terrible too, and there are more drivers there. Most major cities have a similar issue.

    If you haven't filled out the survey, can you please take 2 minutes? It's just 8 multiple choice questions. I will be sharing my ideas for how to fix this during follow ups after the survey.

    Thanks again! - Ross

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     3 years ago in  Rideshare Driver Questionnaire

    BreakingBread, Thanks for the feedback. I have some ideas but I am doing research now. That's what the survey is for.

    BTW, I don't pee in bottles. :-)