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     1 year ago in  Rideshare Services for Women / Females

    I offer scheduled rides in Detroit Metro, Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti and Flint areas for women and children accompanied by adults.

    With 45+ years experience driving, we are a safer, more experienced alternative to Uber and Lyft.

    Call/text Transporter Scheduled Rides, 248-756-7400 to arrange your ride today!

    [email protected]

    Tim Mantyla, 


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     1 year ago in  I only have cash is there any drivers willing to do the

    If you take a ride or two placed by another's Uber account for you, you may be able to establish a good relationship with a driver in your area and get fairly consistent rides and pay cash.

    But remember drivers don't know where they are going next (shockingly, Uber drivers are given only the time and distance away from location of drop-off of your current rider) and won't always be in your area. They may have to charge you much more than the Uber price to pay for their car costs and hourly rate getting to you.

    Uber and Lyft have a terrible system for drivers, who could survive as a contractor not knowing where you're going when driving is your job, and how much you are getting paid?? Yet that is how they abuse us.

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     1 year ago in  Cash

    Uber and Lyft are electronic smartphone and computer based platforms that require you to register with ID cards, credit cards, debit cards and other electronic payment forms. This is not only for the safety of the driver and the rider, it ensures payment.

    After you do that, if you establish a good relationship with a driver, he or she may choose to drive you privately and take cash, or other electronic deposit payment like Cashapp, Zelle or Venmo or even credit cards if they are set up for that. I've done that with a number of riders.

  • I'm not sure why people like yourself are posting requesting rides here? This is a forum for drivers.

    The best thing to do of course is to download a couple of Rideshare apps and choose the best price for your ride at the times you want.

    As a driver I also offer passengers my services under my own company, taking cash and Cashapp as payment options. If I'm close enough I can price match or even lower what Uber costs a customer.

    If a customer only had credit card as payment I would charge them extra based on the percentage fee the credit card company cost me.

    I have heard from many customers that other drivers won't take on private riders. I do because Uber  rips off both customers and drivers, underpaying us while taking a huge share of fares (2/3, sometimes much more during "surge pricing"). 

    Also because of the driver shortage we must often accept fares over 12 minutes away with no idea how much they pay, forcing drivers to drive 10 to 15 miles for merely $3-5 pay that might cost the customer 10 to $20.

  • I'm an Uber driver in Detroit with a compact SUV and a compact crossover Chevy HHR.

    The compact SUV fits only folding wheelchairs as far as I know and HHR might fit a full wheelchair.

    I suggest immediately messaging the driver on the app and posting the dimensions of the wheelchair when you request a ride. They may be able to measure the space but don't expect them to carry a tape measure. There's no sense in getting a ride you can't accept because your chair won't fit.

    Via is a platform for sharing rides largely for someone disabled people I think.