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  • Uber Eats is a disaster in terms of the driver app and receiving orders.  I spoke to customer service numerous times to inform them what needs to be changed for me to continue with Uber.  Uber can care less.  The customer service is horrible.  The app is trash.  I can drive for 45 minutes without receiving one trip.  Gas is high right now making this option useless.  I have lost money with Uber Eats.  Doordash is by far the best!  I will summarize a recent experience with both Uber Eats and Doordash.  I completed 10 trips with Uber making a total of $80.  These orders were far and few in between causing me to lose gas.  Realistically I made $70.  I completed 9 trips with Doordash in 3 hours making $185.  I used $5 in gas.  That should help people decide.  Uber should have listened to me because I have a big mouth.  I communicate to drivers all the time to ditch uber.