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     3 years ago in  How to Order an Uber or Lyft with a Service Animal

    As a long-time Guide Dog user of 38 years, I am used to taking my service dog everywhere. I was thrilled to order Ubers or Lyfts for the convenience, efficiency and great price. However, over the last 6 years, I have become quite disillusioned. Even though Uber and Lyft routinely provide info to their drivers on service animal policies, drivers are often still not abiding by the rules. These are often drivers from other countries who out of cultural misunderstanding, unfamiliarity, or just plain obstinance, are unwilling to take my guide dog. (Americans are familiar with the ADA and I can count on one hand the number of problems I have had with US-born drivers.) As for foreign drivers, I can Count a couple dozen or more incidents including:  drivers driving away, verbal abuse, out-and-out refusal even when told they would be reported; drivers asking me to put my dog in the back, etc... it goes on and on. I used to let them know, via text, that I had a service animal, but I noticed immediately, that they canceled right away, upon reading my text. So, I stopped doing that and let them face the music when they pull up to pick me up. I'm a calm, reasonable person, but I will not tolerate denial of service and always report these to Lyft, the only company I ride with now. I am considering discontinuing my subscription because I experience stress each time I order a ride, wondering if I will be denied service. It's great that anyone can drive for Uber/Lyft and have a ready-made job, but let's follow the rules. They really do apply to all, not just those who find them convenient or to their liking.