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  • Every driver should charge the customer a gas fee of let say 5 because uber is a scam. They were great in the beginning when all drivers made money including local cab companies then things started going south.The prices started dropping, they got rid of the multiplayer they started taking more then 25 % of the fare and tips where does it end? We are all getting screwed while they are getting richer. This Gig economy uber lyft should never fucked the drivers because they are the ones going out everyday using their own cars and paying for the gas, wear an tear, insurance, car detailing, and the negative equity plus THE IRS is auditing all if the drivers and we pay taxes on what we make. So the next call u get, charge the customer for the use of your vehicle, if uber can have a booking fee, service fee, Tnc fee and a black car fee and still swear up and down drivers are independent contractors then every driver should charge customers off the app through cash or venmo for the use of your vehicle like gas. Uber lies they dont follow laws its your car and u should be paid for it. I charge $5 off the app and when people complain i cancel them and they get charged. I just drove 10 minutes or 15 munutes i am not eating that gas im here to make money not loose money