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     2 years ago in  My Uber driver charged me a wait time... Wait for what?

    I'm an Uber driver. I can assure you that there is no way for drivers to add any amount to the fare it's all done automatically by the app set by Uber. They start charging people for wait time after 2 minute when the driver arrives at the pick up location vicinity. Now some times this can cause a bit of problems if the app has recognized the driver is close enough with in a certain amount of feet of the pick up and it starts the count down. If the driver cant find the pick up location or has to circle the block for what ever reason then by the time they get back to the customer it's already counting down but there are uncontrollable circumstances  which could cause this that's not the driver's fault like a busy street where you cant sit and wait for the customer who isnt out and ready to get in. Remember that your assumption maybe one sided and you dont have all the information. The wait time is necessary as a taxi driver there were many cases where we waited more then 20 minutes for people to show up if they did at all. We're out there to make a living and cant wait forever on a bunch of fares, there's not enough time throughout the day for that. We often make 7 or 8 dollars on a single fair when prices are normal and we get even less for Uber Eats calls because of the flat rating method they charge customers. I once did a ride for 16 dollars. The fare after that was a delivery 1 km more then the ride and got 10 for it. I'll only do deliveries now when there's nothing else going on.