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  • I'm frustrated about this and don't know where to post it.... I use both uber and lift but I like to use uber more for personal reasons. The only horrible thing about uber is what happened to me today; I only have 4 hours to do uber, I started at 7 am and had my mind set for 11 am. I set uber to return me home by 11. Uber gave me a trip without any information about the destination and so I accepted, when I got to the rider and started the ride in the app... I read 2 hours drive..  I guess it is true because I will have a 2 hours drive TO OTHER STATE and then another 2 hours drive back home without being able to activate the app. I spent $35 on gas... and they paid me 125. I need to make these people understand some of us have a limited time to drive and don't want long rides at certain times. I'm so frustrated I'm running out of words.