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  • No "purpose", It was a mistake by Toyota. At least I can't imagine or I cannot prove a purpose. 

    Of course I am on it. Civil lawyer said my best bet is small claims which at least would help to pay for some of my expenses

    caused by this mess. Look as I mentioned I did not recognize the OLD FL License number on my application or on my registration. 

    I hadn't used that number in over 10 years. Print next to it was small so I didn't even realize it said DL next to it. It could have happened to anyone. I was happy to get the car and get to work. I took a chance by buying a car after renting from Lyft and other expensive temp cars. I was actually making it work. I made near 4k in a month an a half.(seriously busting my butt providing extremely good service to people)  No I did not pay cash. Down payment and finance. No one caught this except the cop when he stopped me. My lawyer says it will probably be thrown out of court since I did get the license switched 20 days after the arrest from NY to Florida so that old canceled number/DL is actually now valid. It is just taking as long as it will take. 

    Of course I am NOT allowed to work while this is in "pending" mode (LYFT has temprarily suspended me!!!)

    It is ok Im doing other work. But I would like to be at least partially compensated. This was a dumb error on the dealer's part and after working 55 hour week it pretty much ruined my night and all of December. The tension was horrible too. I will for sure be reading contracts fully and searching for mistakes like this in the future. I really can't believe I did not catch this from the git.....

  • Well things got worse!  NOW Lyft has "temporarily suspended" my account supposedly until I am cleared of this idiotic "crime"! I have hired an attorney.  After realizing that Toyota of North Miami was to blame for taking it upon themselves to register my car under an OLD, NULL and VOID License that they happened to find on the web (from 2009) instead of my valid legal NY Driver's license - I explored my legal options. I will be bringing this case to them in some way. Because of their error - I effectively drove off the lot in violation of Florida law.  However - it is still such a sissy law and the MB Cop could have used better discretion and NOT arrested me for this petty paper crime. What is worse is that after feeling like I was robbed for all the money I lost just before Christmas - now Lyft has shut me down during a time that is mad busy here!  I signed on to UBer but that background check is holding everything up and I'm pretty sure it is because of this arrest. Apparently in Florida - and in the world of Ride Shares - you are GUILTY until proven innocent!. 

  • no not at all. The old license (Florida) was canceled in in 2009 when I got my NY driver's license that I had with me the evening of the arrest.  But about a week ago I realized the dealer I purchased my Prius from, TOYOTA of NORTH MIAMI, created this whole mess by fishing the OLD Fl license from the FL archives and putting that number on the registration. Of course - I did not catch that. I did NOT recognize the DL number and the print is so small on the registration. When I handed the cop the registration after being stopped the CANCELED FL license was right there in fron of him- unbenkwnst to me!