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  • So sweet!  Thank you!

  • I am a VanGo driver in the Dallas area and it is a fantastic service for busy parents.  To be selected, I had to have a video interview (extensive), have my Explorer checked out by a mechanic (Firestone), go through a DMV check and a thorough FBI background and fingerprint screening. VanGo gave me a credit/debit card to pay for all of this.  It took some time to be approved, but I made it!  I've been driving for a month, now and I LOVE IT!

    I started with them their first week they opened in Dallas/Fort Worth, which I believe was August 21st of this year (2019).

    I'm not sure what their "official" age range is but I've driven kids as young as 7 many times.

    The website is www.ridevango.com and I think the name of the company is brilliant!  We (Team DFW) are going to make this work!  Try us out.  Have a fantastic day, oh, and if you'd like, today is my birthday (one that ends in a zero) and I wouldn't mind if you wished me a happy birthday!