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    Uber driver

    First, I'm a driver. I drive full time, it is my only gig, same for my husband. We drive at ...

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     1 year ago in  Uber driver

    Your comment essentially demonstrates my point. The condescension and superiority you employed in your comment is exactly what I'm talking about. Not to mention, what exactly do you disagree with? Treating people with respect and dignity, acknowledging that without riders, I wouldn't have the opportunity to earn my living in a way I enjoy so very much? Or that I consider how I'd feel in their position, what they might be dealing with and respond with compassion rather than attitude? 

    The very speed with which you felt the need to point out your total disagreement with my perspective and then condescend that I am naive and not veteran enough to see things the way they really are speaks volumes. No, I don't see things the way you do and to be clear, that will not change. I am not a victim of inexperience that will become jaded as my experience grows. I'm about to celebrate my 42nd birthday and have had a crazily experience intensive life. I've seen the very best and the horrifying worst that people have to offer and I've learned that people are going to do what they do. The only control I have is over myself. My behavior and how I respond to the beautiful, hot mess that is life and everyone in it. 

    So you go ahead and do you, I'mma keep doing me. And I imagine you will continue focusing on that which really does not matter as a way to keep that superiority complex fat and happy. 

    May you be blessed and be a blessing,