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  • This article says a lot of what I experienced driving for Lyft. Health issues are a big one. I had been laid off a few times and needed an income, the job search was coming up with little to nothing, so my wife suggested I drive for Lyft. In the pinch we were in it was a good idea. But those long hours in the car, making sure the bills got paid, took its toll. Not moving allows stuff in the blood to accumulate in clumps, instead of being flushed out. Muscle loss. Lots of stress and frustration, not knowing if it would be a good day or a bad day. My doctor always congratulated me on my healthy blood pressure, and now it is too high. I also gained at least 30 lbs. The car took a beating. When COVID hit, reducing the number of rides and income, I got out and found something else, a job where I am on my feet and physically active. But some health issues remain that need to be addressed.