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  • Report this to the ftc (federal trade commission.gov) and the California state attorney generals office to get them to stop charging you. Also report it to your credit card company.

  • Oh yes there is a way to get your money back. Do this TODAY! Go online to the attorney Generals website for California. File a complaint online via the attorney general online complaint form. Make sure to download a copy of your complaint. (Hit print and save to your laptop)

    Then attach a copy of the complaint in your  email to fairs customer service. Also file with the FTC as they take stuff like this very serious and will hit fair with fines and make them pay back the money they are taking. Do this today and you should hear from someone at Unfair who will magically want to make you happy. You are welcome.

  • Fair is no longer fair. Start up prices have increased into the thousands even for cheap sedans. Now  a $200 dollar a month car will cost you over $3000 down. This is money that you give to fair for free. At the end you dont get to keep the car. Its a lease. I would not recommend doing business with this company. Its anything but fair now.