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Seeking drivers for unique Rideshare opportunity that pays what you deserve to be paid (100% fares and tips!) and recognizes your efforts with bonuses/rewards!  Tired of giving a large percentage of your pay away?  I have exactly what you need and want!  


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  • I assure you that we WILL become a household name, just as Uber and Lyft are.  We are new.  It will take time but there will come a day that we are known as a very reputable company.   That being said, it is your choice to ask for more information or not.  When you speak of trust, I just posted my email on a public forum for anyone to contact me.  By offering a great opportunity, I am exposing my email as well.  It is up to the discretion and choice of anyone to ignore, or ask for more information.  We will be successful either way.  I simply tried to share something but by no means am I trying to force anyone to do something they are not comfortable with.   I have given my contact information.   If anyone chooses to learn more, please contact me there.  I do not choose to banter or defend myself for simply offering a lucrative opportunity.   Have a pleasant weekend.

  • Good morning to you.  This post made two months ago is about a very real and potentially lucrative opportunity.   It is a new company and we are opening new markets throughout the United States.  Some do not understand that with new companies, there are restrictions until everything is completely rolled out.  One example would be if we share too much information in a public forum, someone else can steal the ideas that our company has worked so diligently to bring forth.   This is not good business sense.  This is why we choose to tell others if they want more information, they can contact us personally.  When I posted this two months ago, I was not aware that there is no way to contact privately on this forum.  

  • Hi Wes.  As stated in my initial post, I was asking if there is a way to private message or get email addresses privately to share information.  The company launches this week and with new companies, we have to stay compliant per what our company attorneys allow us to share.  Once we launch, we can share more publicly.  I am not being mysterious, but simply using other avenues to share this information per compliance.  Drivers from other rideshare companies are joining us by the thousands because they see the vision of being able to earn a lot more with us, to have stock options in the company and so much more.   Is there a way to privately share something on this forum or to get email addresses?  If not, we will be launching in at any time and I can share more for anyone who is interested.

  • This is a brand new company that is launching this week.  They have studied the rideshare industry for years and have come up with a model that is unlike any other.   Drivers can not only earn by driving and keep 100% of their fares and tips, they (and others) can earn from sharing with other drivers and from sharing our free app with riders.  I am new to this site since yesterday, so I am not sure if there is a way to private message or how to get emails to send additional information.  Can someone please advise me on this?