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     4 years ago in  Lots of Driver Scams - Watch out, passengers!

    Hate to break it to you but that happened to me this afternoon on Lyft. He sat around just 1 minute away and not moving. Wouldn’t answer his phone after calling him THREE TIMES and drove away entirely after I waited literally 10 minutes for him to do something. I already know about the cancellation fee and REFUSED to cancel (my wife works for Lyft). Idiot went up and nearly crossed state lines while still waiting for me to cancel. Finally he cancelled on his end after 25 minutes (no joke. I had to use a friends phone to order a separate Lyft. Kept my phone on the whole time - I ended up just chilling out in my bedroom before he finally gave up). It switched my driver and I was then allowed to cancel with the fee being waived. Immediately got a hold of driver support and also emailed/corresponded with customer service.

    EDIT : Thank god their license plate number shows up. Not everyone would think to save that.