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     3 years ago in  How is Uber fighting back against Cleaning Fees Scams?

    No, it's to STOP those drivers that have been turning in the same photo, every weekend, to collect the $150-$200 fee over and over again. It has happened to MANY of my Uber customers. Lyft used to have better drivers, but now even they are starting to pull it.  It's sad that it only takes a few to ruin it for all of us, as well as have customers paint us all with the same brush.  I carry Barf Bags ALWAYS (college town), the only fees I have had to collect are when they choose to use the window instead of the bag.

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     3 years ago in  Male Uber drivers Make more than Women!

    How would that be any more discrimination, then Hooters not hiring male servers, or STRIP CLUBS not having men stripping?? THAT'S what I thought!

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     3 years ago in  Male Uber drivers Make more than Women!

    Maybe in some areas, but I haven't met anyone in the Triangle that makes what I make, mainly because they don't put in the time I do. I ONLY drive nights, that's where the big bucks are.