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  • Last week I tipped an Uber driver 15.00 for a 7.00 trip, to take me home from a grocery store.  I have severe back injury and heart failure.  This lazy teenager refused to help me take my beverages out of the car, and then stands there and asks me, "did you buy all that to start a business or something?"  I gave the kid the large tip anyway for the 5 minute ride, hoping it would make him realize there are nice people out there that deserve to be helped.  2 days later I noticed that Uber applied the 15.00 tip, and subtracted the 7.00 ride from my credit card, so you guys have to face the fact that you aren't getting paid because Uber is subtracting the agreed upon price if the passenger decides to give you a decent tip, it's Uber's decision not ours.

  • As a new rider who supported the taxi drivers, and will do so no longer because they are lazy and ungrateful . . .

    I just rode Uber twice this week.  I applied tip to my Uber driver equal to amount of the trip because they were pretty short local trips, so for a 7.00 trip I added a 7.00 tip, and the app is very straightforward when adding a tip.  After I did so Uber applied the tip to the driver, then refunded the price of the trip, so all the driver will receive is the tip instead of the original fare.  It may be that Uber is telling passengers this:

    If you insist on tipping then we are forcing you to choose, pay the original ride fare or the tip, you can't give the driver both, because we control what is charged to your credit card.  Period.  Don't blame passengers, your Uber overlords have commanded it.  I tip way too generously to be stranded everywhere I tip to pick up a prescription that was called in and filled days in advance, and I go in off hours when this pharmacy was not busy.  I have to stop making short trips because I have heart failure and severe back pain and I tip generously not to be abandoned when I am not shopping and call to pick up orders in advance, and the driver just leaves me there to be in pain for hours and hours to wait to be picked up again, sometimes 9 hours at a time.