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     2 years ago in  Leep Rideshare?

    Yes, your correct is rideshare who is developed by drivers in San Antonio, TX, not like Uber, and Lyft I is truly a company who's CEO not only is a Driver but owns a limo and charter company. The difference mostly that Leep Rideshare San Antonio is not a cashless platform; the drivers can take cash if passengers don't want to link their credit card to the app. The drivers who sign up for Leep get a larger share of the profits in a transparent 80-20 split. Leep also has a safety feature. Leep passengers don't have to guess on the looks of the vehicle or the driver. Like Uber and Lyft, the passengers will have a photo of the driver; and the make/model of the car. Still, one difference is the passengers will have generated upon requesting a rideshare a four-digit unique PIN code that will allow the correct driver to unlock the destination of the trip for the right passenger. The safety feature that Uber and Lyft have its riders to guess that they are in the right car...LEEP Rideshare fast and is a safe ride.

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