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     2 years ago in  How can I specify a female driver?

    you really said this well and gave clear examples. totally agree. i am furious there is NOT one SINGLE female only platform in the usa. either only female drivers or able to select female passengers only.  i think this should be a thing. so what. you ain't making that much anyway women aren't taking it from you and i hear even in rideshare they get paid less. so wtf.
    i really would like to know if i am wrong about female only ride/drive service in USA. especially DE,OH,D.C,PA, GA areas. i have plenty of female friends and at times offered to pay for their "uber" ride but they didn't want to simply because they didn't trust the service or felt unsure and safe.
    i couldn't think of any service even say taxi (which honestly would defeat the purpose) that did female only. a few times it meant missing out on seeing a friend or me having to make extra trip or arrangement to make sure one of my friends got somewhere they needed to go.
    i always wanted to support such a service.
    and after a few NON-RIDESHARE related with random people i even believe it way more about its critical need for peace of mind and safety.

    its gone too long not having it. and it's sad. again good job. and yes too many who don't need it are the ones against it or don't understand its need!