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  • I never stop and hope for a tip. I don’t care about the Uber rating. I rather have the money.

    On your saying to use Wayze? Do you open a 2 Nd screen and put their address in there? Or how do you do it?

    I basically just use the Uber gps but I know the towns I drive in so I take my own shortcuts and no one seems to care. They are happy to get there.

  • I’ve noticed that also. That the app doesn’t let stops be added in. I basically make the person update the app after I took them to the first place. They just keep updating as I drive them around. Don’t drive anybody free. Tell them to exit the trip and update the address as you make the stops. Otherwise you are driving strangers around free and they don’t give a SH about you. So charge them.

  • It’s definitely SO rude. People think we are a free personal driver. They never tip when I make extra stops so I just repeat, put it in the app. Sure I’ll stop, put it in the app. Oh you need macdonalds? Sure, put it in the app. Oh you want to pick up extra friends? Put it in the app. Oh you want to go get beer but you didn’t add your home address as the return point? Well call another Uber at the liquor store OR PUT IT IN THE APP.

    All drivers need to repeat this otherwise we are all driving people around free. O don’t know who these retards are acting like it’s wrong to expect people to pay for the use of our car but they can go F their self with a shovel.

    I’ve basically started just canceling and refusing people that “forget where they live” and all these other games they play. I only go to the address in the app so either get your SH together or get the F out of the car