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     1 year ago in  Can a parent order Uber or Lyft for a teenager? My kids?

    Yes but what do Uber and Lyft's TOA's FOR DRIVERS say about picking up minors? Can anyone say LOOPHOLE?!?! Is not interesting that most articles focusing on this issue seem to ONLY view it feom the RIDERS perspective and NOT the driver? 

    If it's not located in our TOA's then why do we need to be bound to what is not addressed there. I agree that perhaps Uber/Lyft find it redundant but still if a driver signs up to be a driver, why would they read the riders TOA's also? Some could be thinking.

    Either way, this needs to be made more clear and more protocols need to be put in place so that those who continue to disobey are held appropriately accountable per the agreement they entered into even when and if they did not TAKE THE TIME OUT to THOROUGHLY read through and comprhend them.