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    Aw, it actually happened. These two found love in an Uberpool and got married, lol
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    You Can Now Get Uber Eats Delivered by Batmobile!!!

    CALLING ALL LONDON RIDERS!! This is super cool!"Uber Eats announced last week that it was offering special deliveries made …

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     1 month ago in  Uber instant cashout

    Does this mean you are not getting paid? 

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     1 month ago in  What is your worst Uber or Lyft story?

    This is not as awful as some people but I once had this super sketchy driver who "joked" about kidnapping me. I was SO SO uncomfortable. He kept looking at me in his rearview mirror and I just had the creeps. Then near the end of my ride he said "I'm just going to turn the app off, we are so close, and it will save you some money". I demanded he let me out right then and there and luckily he did...